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Welcome to AV Design & Home Automation Solutions 

We are AV Design and Home & Building automation experts who specialise in providing the best customised home theatre designs with BGM ( back ground music). Including state of the art automation such as light control, curtain control, HVAC Control, AV Control, peripheral door lock control, surveillance solutions integration as well as video conference room set ups with acoustic and ambient light control designs for homes and larger spaces. We create the desired home theatres on the basis of the room(s) size, the budget, but focusing on creating exactly what you have in mind is fundamentally our main aim.  Some more features that we provide are  - sound design, acoustics , light effect, projector lumens, video resolution, contrastration with reference to the ambient light, glare and reflection, aligning with the seating plan to give you the finest results. Integrated video conferencing is also another addition to interact with your family and friends.

Conference & Auditoriums Design  – Our efforts bring you excellent conference design which are well beyond the hardware. We focus on a lot of paramaters which are often overlooked while building this solution. Some of them are the light effect, room acoustics, mic levels to cut feedback, video screen resolution and camera coverage in accordance to the room size.

Home & Building  Automation –Control your house or building with just a touch of your I-PAD, I-Phone or any android device. The features vary widely from sensors, curtains, AV and air-conditioning to dimming the lights depending on your mood and multizone solutions such as controlling wireless music on each floor of your home.  Brands included in our solutions are Fibaro, Crestron, Samsung Digital Door Locks , YALE and many more.

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Experience cinema at home with our expertise in this business for 15 years , with world class brands tie-ups ,we are able to provide best of AV and acoustic solutions for your home.
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