Wireless Home Automation- We convert Home into Smart Homes

Welcome to Solutiontree.in , you must be in midst of constructing you new house and therefore looking for Home automation , don’t worry , you have clicked the right page .We offer both Wired and wireless automation solutions.

We convert house into a smart house by giving control on your smartphone/tablet and touch panels .You can control lighting, curtains,home cinema, media server ,surveillance ,climate control ,back ground music, we customize just as per your taste and design.


Our automation solutions are wired and wireless, meant for existing homes as well.

Fill up your details or call us, our automation expert will schedule an appointment with you and recommend the best automation solution to convert your home into a smart home.

Our Home automation give you control of Climate, Security,Equipment, Lights with options of adding sensors to create scenes as per your mood and requirement.

Wired Automation Brands –

  1. Lutron Lighting Control
  2. Legrand 
  3. Schneider Electric
  4. ELAN Home automation systems
  5. Crestron
  6. Control 4

Wireless Automation Brands-

1. Fibaro 

2.Hogar Controls


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Home Automation

Rs.6,500.00 Rs.5,500.00
Rs.5,500.00 Rs.4,763.00
Rs.4,500.00 Rs.3,800.00
Rs.129,999.00 Rs.125,000.00
Rs.64,999.00 Rs.63,500.00

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