Use the Automation System to control roller blinds, gates, awnings and garden sprinkler systems,geysers . The Home automation System is the only system on the market which knows an exact position of a roller blind or an awning and presents it as a percentage enabling you to precisely adjust roller blind position, just the way you like it.

Roller Binds


Control roller blinds with the Automation system. This functionality allows you to precisely adjust position of the roller blinds. Configure a scene and enjoy morning sunshine pouring through your windows.



With the Automation System you can control windows in your house. The system senses if windows are open or shut. This way you will always be informed of an open window, which should be shut.

Geyser Control

Geyser control scene

Geyser control scene

Winters Just started , Geyser  is something which consumes maximum electricity during this time and to control the same our Automation solution provides you to schedule the time the geyser should be switched ON and Switched Off , saves electricity , saves you from getting up in the cold to switch the geyser on 20 minutes before your bath.




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