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Home Automation -Lighting Control, Wired & Wireless Solutions

Planning a Lighting control System?

Wired or wireless control?


As we start getting you familiar on wired or wireless Automation, we would like you to decide on the light dimming options - phase cut, analogue or DALI protocol. 

Latest is the DALI lighting dimming as this is digital and recommended for large houses.

DALI lighting control protocol also offers now color temperature control meaning you can move from 2500 color temperature to 6500 color temperature , moving from  warm white to yellow, for more information.

kindly visit endo-lighting.com

Lighting control can be wired or wireless depending on the wiring of your house, there are rumors and talks that wireless lighting control is not as good as wired but that’s just a myth, current automation system gives tough competition to wired home automation system when it comes to lighting automation.

Technologies working on wireless control are Z-WAVE, RF, Zigbee, with our experience in this field, wired automation does not gives you a flexibility of scale ability when it comes to increase in the number of circuits or modules.

Even for that matter in case you want to add a new lamp in your living room and if you have used the wired automation and not planned a wire at that location, that lamp cannot be automated but this restriction is not faced with wireless brands.

We have moved away from data cables to wifi networks wherein we transfer data or stream movies in Gigabytes and for automation the data transferred is in Mbps so why not wireless option with the freedom of scale ability.

Wired automation on the other hand gives more flexibility in terms of choosing the control panels and work on open protocol like KNX which today is used by over 350 brands across the word and to name the few big names are Schnieder, ABB, Berker from Hager, JUNG, Ekinex and list continues.

Do visit our control panel section to see the option of control panel available and offered from various knx basex brands.

Brands we cater to

Lutron, Crestron, Rakocontrols, Fibaro, Berker-KNX Based, Schneider, Berker, Control4

Control Keypad Options on KNX - Lithoss, Basalte, Berker, Ekinex, Schneider

How do one plan for lighting control automation?

Planning would require to understand how to calculate the lighting circuits, a dimmer channel is needed for each group of lighting that needs to be controlled separately.

Priority Wise :

Experience in our automation installations tells us that client first need to cover the public areas like – Hallways, Dining, Living rooms on automation .

Hallways are often statement rooms and have lighting that benefits from intelligent control. They do however also have a requirement for two way control of stairwells and landings. Many users are familiar with the traditional two way switching concept.

When planning a Hall/Stairwell area it is worth thinking about how the different floors are to be controlled, both separately and together

Give some priority to rooms, everyone has their own opinions on which are key rooms. Whilst dimming in a master bedroom is desirable, if nothing else to avoid the harsh glare of light first thing in the morning, guest bedrooms may come further down the pecking order.

Bath and shower rooms may be more appealing under subdued lighting but even more so if they're used at night, again when a harsh glare is unpleasant.

Are bathrooms often used for baths when a relaxing soak might be enjoyed more in softer lighting? For a true whole house control of course all the rooms should be controlled by the system and its nice to have, for example a 'Master Off' button by the bedside to be sure all lighting is off but a complete system is potentially expensive.


Even within a scene-set room some circuits may benefit from separate control for instance bedside lighting. As with the previous example above if the bedside lights are integrated into the normal room scenes the possible combinations of ambient room settings multiplied by the his/her on/off scenarios, let alone with dim level options, can be considerable.

Instead, possibly think of either having a separate, normal switch for these, or a separate button, or buttons (for dimming) on a control plate.

There are solutions for these issues but they are best discussed before buying a system rather than trying to configure unsuitable parts after the event.

Think about where wall panels should be located and what they should control. Generally a wall-plate should be controlling scenes within the room itself.

Depending on the scope of the system one control panel can be programmed to control different rooms but this can rapidly make the system confusing to use and often clients' wishes have unforeseen contradictions that make programming difficult or impossible.

Consider what other controls may be required, such as 'holiday mode' to simulate occupancy. Interfacing to security systems so that lights come on as well as an alarm sounding. Is control from a smartphone or tablet required?

If the system is to be integrated with an audio visual system then ask the AV installer for advice, they will have experience with lighting control systems and be able to help.

Finally, remember that at any point we will be happy to help with planning a lighting control system for you.

How Do I get a quote?

Please email us the room wise, floor wise break up  of rooms with the number of automation circuits you want to control in each room and we will happy to submit a budgetary quote.

For further help and assistance, pricing information or a quotation email your inquiry to sales@solutiontree.in or call 09958231280