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Customized IN-Wall Speakers

Customized In-wall speakers come in various configurations and highly recommended while your interior design is focused towards no visibility of speakers and still have power cinema sound basis the size of the room. Its not just the speaker selling but its all about design with speakers meant for the suggested room.

Home Theater Designing is an art, while we suggest the final configuration of speakers we look at client need along with many parameters related to the Home theater room for example – 1. area of the room, 2. SPL level, Noise level 3. Ambient Light 4. Light design 5. Screen size basis the sitting layout 6. contrast ratio 7. Furniture design 8. room acoustics 9. HVAC placement and noise level and many more….to get good sound its not just the speakers its the complete solution

We do various speaker brands but we recommend basis the client's taste and budget, few of the brands are – BOSE, SONANCE, Klipsch, Jamo, Focal Audio, Monitor Audio, Harman, PolK Audio, KEF, Waterfall and more….

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