Digital Door Locks for Smart Homes

Digital Age , Digital India ,digitisation is the buzz word around and digitisation should start from Home. Moving from Key entry to key less entry is the time now.Life has to be stress free and one should not carry the burden of keeping the keys safely at some place and later finding it difficult to figure out ,plus more the members at home , more are the number of keys required by each individual to enter the home. We offer solutions by offering latest digital locks which can be on Home automation or just a stand alone digital lock solution .Now you can buy in few thousand rupees a good , stylish and secure digital door locks for your home or office which gives you access through various Methods: RFID, Keypad, Biometric, and Bluetooth.Look for the products below or call us for a customised solution. We do Digital door locks for various international brands which has strong sales and service back up , brands to name are YALE, Samsung.

Rs.41,224.00 Rs.39,000.00
Rs.46,734.00 Rs.43,000.00
Rs.61,549.00 Rs.61,000.00
Rs.49,999.00 Rs.49,500.00
Rs.30,999.00 Rs.30,500.00
Rs.49,999.00 Rs.49,500.00
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