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Next-Generation Powered Soundbar
& Wireless Subwoofer System

Bluetooth with aptX coding
allows high-quality audio streaming from any room in the house.

A fabulous 2.1 channel system with Virtual Surround offers an immersive surround-sound experience. Action packed movies? Multichannel music? Turn on Movie Mode to get the mesmerizing impact of Dolby Digital material. Switch to Music Mode for a classic 2-channel experience. Bluetooth capability. Stream from a mobile phone or other portable device . Easy-to-use remote boasts a superb fit and finish.

Rs.200,000.00 Rs.180,000.00
Rs.59,990.00 Rs.45,000.00
Rs.25,000.00 Rs.24,500.00
Rs.81,900.00 Rs.80,000.00
Rs.30,000.00 Rs.27,500.00
Rs.35,990.00 Rs.35,500.00
Rs.21,990.00 Rs.21,500.00
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