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Our access control solutions are in use around the world in office buildings, retailers of all types, banks and insurance companies, manufacturing and industrial sites.


Providing a safe and convenient environment for employees, visitors and external staff:

Efficiently use the natural movements of different groups of users within and across the individual areas of the facility, such as reception areas, production areas, parking areas, individual offices, floors, or buildings, to maximize security in an unobtrusive way.
Protect against theft by using the SALTO platform (SVN + Wireless + mobile) to extend security and audit trail information to access points throughout your facility’s security system: from office doors to data cabinets to parking gates, including remote sites.
Optimize the use of individual areas of the facility by flexibly changing access plans easily to permit the individual programming of certain installations for conferences and special events.
Efficient handling of high traffic shift changes. Reliable RFID technology means credentials are read quickly and seamlessly so entry/exit bottlenecks are avoided.
Seamless integration with Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) and building management systems makes it easy for the facility owner to add SALTO security to existing systems.

Special SALTO features for Commercial applications
Matrix function and locations
The Matrix Access Function simplifies and streamlines the link between users and doors making access planning simple and straightforward.

Mobile solutions
SALTO’s mobile solutions featuring our JustIN apps bring real-life usability and flexibility to access control. JustIN mSVN (mobile SALTO Virtual Network) allows the updating of a person’s access rights remotely using SALTO’s JustIN mSVN app for NFC-enabled smartphones. This solution is extremely suitable for mobile staff and maintenance workers who visit remote sites, or staff who only need short, very-timed access.

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