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Board Room

Our access control solutions are also in use in all types of public administration buildings, such as town and city council facilities, state & federal administration, ministries, parliaments, military bases, police & court facilities.


Providing a safe and convenient environment for staff, clients and external suppliers through:

Separate public and restricted areas in an access plan by differentiating easily who has access and when to such different places as public transit areas, specific service areas, individual offices, floors, or buildings.
Optimise the use of libraries, public access areas of public buildings and parking areas by employing the flexibility of the system to change access plans easily thereby allowing the individual programming of certain installations.
If an emergency requires it, utilize lockdown functionality to help bring control to the situation.
Employ heavy-duty locks for high-traffic doors that meet government requirements.
Establish flexible and secure distribution of access rights for specified areas within a building, as well as for other sites and facilities using the same credential as used at the main location.

Special SALTO features for Government applications
SALTO enables users to make an emergency lockdown of a property in the event of a security incident. Lockdowns can be performed remotely through wireless locks, or locally on AMOK escutcheons. This increases security of both employees and visitors.

Extensive product range
our very broad range of solutions is suitable for use with all types of doors, including historic or architecturally listed doors.

Mobile solutions
our mobile solutions featuring our JustIN apps bring real-life usability and flexibility to access control. JustIN mSVN (mobile SALTO Virtual Network) allows the updating of a person’s access rights remotely using SALTO’s JustIN mSVN app for NFC-enabled smartphones. This solution is extremely suitable for mobile staff and maintenance workers who visit remote sites, or staff who only need short, very-timed access. In addition to mSVN, SALTO’s BLE-based solution JustIN Mobile Key, allows users to use their smartphone as a key. SALTO’s mobile solutions are independent from the smartphone manufacturer.

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