4K Ultra HD Projectors with Native 4K resolution of (4096 x 2160 X 3) Pixels, 4 Times of Full HD

4k or UHD is the shear pleasure for eyes and closer to reality from the current HD, its 4 time better clarity, 4K resolution refers to Horizontal pixels of approximately 4,000 pixels. To watch on a small screen might not be a good idea but on Home Theatre it makes all the difference, where the feeling is that you are sitting in the stadium if you are watching a live feed of a football match or tennis. Our Home Theatre range of 4K products are aspirational one and a must have in your Home Theatre. Buying Tip for 4K – Always look for a native resolution of a projector if you have decided to invest on a 4K projector. Spec sheet of the manufacturer will show Native resolution as 4096 x 2160 Pixel which means its a true 4K Projector , anything lower is a waste of money and time.

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