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Soundtrack 2 System

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Feature Showcase

  • Sound quality! We can’t stress it enough! Remember, while video is important, it’s the audio that brings music and movies to life!
  • A fast, non-technical setup.
  • Size! It’s ideal for smaller spaces where traditional speaker setups might be physically overwhelming.
  • Wireless low-profile subwoofer offers exceptional placement flexibility.
  • Stream music from a portable device anywhere in the house.
  • Operates via a full-function remote control or onboard top-panel interface controlling Power, Volume and syncing of the subwoofer.
  • Most TV or satellite remotes can learn Soundtrack 2’s remote. Discrete HEX codes for comprehensive custom integration.
  • Direct hook-up to a TV, cable box, Blu-Ray player, gaming console and other TV accessories. Also connects directly to Apple TV and AirPort Express.
  • Connections can be made via the soundbar or the TV.
  • Inputs: Fiber-optic digital; RCA to RCA; Auxiliary; Bluetooth.

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Product Description

Soundtrack 2 System Specifications



Design 2 isolated, identical channels for Left and Right. Left Channel: 2-driver, 2-way plus single passive radiator. Right Channel: 2-driver, 2-way plus single passive radiator. Molded ABS enclosure with matte finish.
Crossover 3rd-order electro-acoustic at 2.4 kHz.
Amplifier 2 x 25 watts of RMS power and 2 x 50 watts peak power.
Frequency Response   On-Axis ±2 dB 140 Hz – 20 kHz
Frequency Response   30° Off-Axis ±2 dB 140 Hz – 20 kHz
High Frequency Driver 1 x 25-mm (1 in) S-PAL™ satin-anodized pure-aluminum dome tweeter (per channel).
Midrange Frequency Driver 1 x 102-mm (4”) mineral-filled polypropylene cone, 37-mm (1-1/2”) voice coil (per channel).
Passive Radiators 1 x 102-mm (4”) mineral-filled polypropylene (per channel).
Low Frequency Extension 105 Hz (DIN)
Sensitivity   Room / Anechoic 88 dB / 85 dB
Finishes Black
Inputs Fibre-optical digital; RCA to RCA; auxilliary; Bluetooth
Weight 7.4 lbs. (3.4 kg)
Dimensions   HxWxD
Including snap-in feet
5.3125″ × 36.375″ × 2.9375″
(13.5cm × 92.3cm × 7.3cm)
Snap-in stability feet and screws; on-wall bracket.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Wireless Subwoofer (with wired option)


Design Single driver, bass-reflex design. Ports are arranged perpendicularly to achieve the low-profile design. Built-in amplifier. Molded ABS enclosure with matte finish.
Amplifier 100 watts of RMS power and 250 watts peak power.
Low Pass Filter Frequency 130 Hz fixed
Low Frequency Driver 210-mm (8 in) reinforced mineral-filled polypropylene cone, 38-mm (1-1/2 in) voice-coil.
Low Frequency Extension 40 Hz (DIN)
Finishes Black
Weight 12.5 lbs. (5.7 kg)
Dimensions   HxWxD
Cradle adds 3/4-in / 1.90 cm to height.
Feet add 1 in / 2.5 cm to height in horizontal position.
14.1875″ × 18.3125″ × 6.3125″
(36cm × 46.4cm × 16cm)