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Family Inada Luxury Massage Chairs

Family Inada massage chairs has a foundation in 1962, focus has been on creating massage chairs that can be used in every home.

The history of massage chairs paints a fascinating picture. They were first introduced as a Mechanical Massage Product at public baths in Japan, where people would have to insert coins for massage sessions! In 1972, with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan, the massage chairs gained a new status – Home Medical Care Equipment. Later, in year 2000, Inada went from developing massage chairs that provide some temporary relief from muscle stiffness to chairs that support the body & help prevent stiffness and fatigue. It was in 2016 that Inada developed the industry’s very first massage chair with “Artificial Intelligence Mechanism”.

Robo - The revolutionary Massage chair

Robo HCP LPN30000

World's best Masssage chair, surpassing the expectation in Massage experience, Robo is a revolutionarynmassage chair built with artificial intelligence. It detectsnthe muscle stiffness in the body and massages accordingly.

Robo incorporates key professional massage techniques

  • Five finger kneading massage for arms
  • chest holding shoulder top massage
  • Neck deep shiatsu layer massage
  • upper and lower Independent circular massage
  • left- right independent holding massage
  • Face recognition
  • Individual profiling
  • Five finger kneading massage for legs

  • AI Hybrid Mechanism
  • Analysis by Artificial Intelligence
  • Facial Recognition
  • Noise Reduction Dome
  • HD Speakers with Tutorial
  • Flat Bed Recline Position
  • Rhythmical Massages
  • Automatic detection of shiatsu points
  • Three-dimensional motion like human hands

Available colors

White-Black, White-Ivory, Red- Black


Therapina HCP LPN9000D

A massage chair becomes a presence that supports the “health” of your family.
Supporting your family’s health with a massage chair.
54 years of accumulated experience and FAMILY INADA arrived at the answer.
Becoming a necessity of life that has continued to support the “health” of each and every person,
while embracing your family’s life with a “good feeling.”
The future of home medical care has begun with “THERAPINA.

Key Features

  • 8-axis Al mechanism (Right and left independent automatic control system built in.)
  • An “adjust-sensor automatic shiatsu point search system” that matches each and every person
  • Newly developed " leg multi-air unit", three leg specific masssage course created under professional supervision are included