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SPIDER WEB is a wireless presentation system which allows presenter’s material to be displayed on a large main screen for everyone’s involvement in a meeting and discussion.

This smart system is initialized as installation of application on laptop and simple click of icon lets the contents easily to be shared to all participants for enabling efficient quick decision making.

Bring people, content and ideas together !

Connection in a meeting room for presentation requires not only tangle cabling with limited access due to the length of cable but taking setup time for data transference to a main laptop and resolution conversion.

However, SPIDER WEB mirrors a content to main screen, not connected via wires to presenter’s device. The system offers flexibility and advanced environment as saving preparation time and minimal unit arrangement.

No hassle, No messy, Just quick sharing !

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No need of wired connection between presenter’s laptop to main screen in the room, no bother to swap cable or come out by other’s’ turn

No stress due to resolution or different application between presenters’ device and meeting room computer

Privacy & Security

No need of supplying confidential resources of important presentation material as wireless transmitting from laptop

Zero expose to virus as no need of transferring data/file using USB or email is required

Guest mode

If user does not prefer or is not allowed unauthorized program installation, Guest mode as running the program for temporal wireless transmission of source device

Multi users are able to use this mode by simple copy into more USBs at no extra cost

Real-time internet

Internet is provided for cases online link needs to be played or shown as a reference for efficient presentation

Advantageous point is internet via wireless network available as the product functions as an AP router as well


Operation Modes

SPIDER WEB – provides three different modes for occasion and purpose of use

Capture contents at highest possible resolution up to 1080p (20fps) to transmit ⇒ Specialized for qualified presentation by abundant color resources and delicate detail

Capture source contents re-scared to 720p (30fps) and transmit to main screen ⇒ Enable to assist smoother video play for presentation with many reference material

Transmit “original” source file up to 1080p (60fps) and play at main screen ⇒ Designed for multi purposes, main screen as entertainment and laptop for other use



Where To Use


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Welcome to the future of Wireless Presentation System

No more transfer of files, no more security issues on file transfer for that all important meeting. Just click and proceed with your presentation from anywhere around the world.

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