Home Automation -Lighting Control

With our automation solution , we give control of lights on to our mobile or I-pad  or a tablet . ON /OFF along with dimming options gives you the control of the room and the house , this also result in  saving both energy and money.

Room viewing gives you the control of the entire house , from your smartphone or tablet you would know about the room for which the lights are on. This gives you the control not only within the home but anywhere around the earth.


Smartphone control


How many times have you forgotten to turn off the light when leaving the house? Given the hectic pace of our lives, it comes as no surprise it has happened quite a few times. Thanks to the Home automation System, you have control over every room from any location on earth. Thanks to transparent and user-friendly interface you can control any device with just one touch of a finger.

Lighting Control


All you need to do to turn the light on/off is click on the “lamp” icon.

light contrl

Amazon Echo


amazon echo

amazon echo

Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It can hear you from across the house even when it is playing your favourite tune. Use Echo to switch off the lights when you’re snug in bed, or create a cozy ambience from the couch to watch a movie.

Get Talking

Amazon echo

Your Fibaro Home Center and devices can now talk to the Amazon Echo through the Drasis Echo Server . After a few simple set up steps, you can control your Fibaro Smart Home with simple statements like:

Alexa, Turn the lights on

Alexa, Switch off the kitchen lights

Alexa, Switch on the AC

Alexa, Switch on the movie mode



All you need to do to turn the light on/off is click on the “lamp” icon. Do you feel like dimming the light to 50%? It’s not a problem, you can do it with a slider. The slider allows you to control light brightness in a smooth way.

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