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Audio & Video Conference Solutions

We do entire Board room or conference room automation with facilities like Video conference, audio conference and your daily presentations with wireless presenters which gives the flexibility to present from any of the mobile devices or any of the laptops with OS from windows or Apple device
Our solutions are more customer focused and designed after the complete understanding of the clients requirement and budget. Our solution design includes room based design keeping in mind the

1. Display screen size, contrast ratio, Glare
2. position of camera
3. room lighting
4.SPL level- keeping in mind the ambient noise of the room especially with HVAC in the room,
5. Mic sensitivity basis the sitting
6. Analogue Signal and Network bandwidth requirements
7. Flexibility for future expansion.

Our Board room, conference room automation solution offers entire AV control, light control, blinds controls, AC Control on the mobile app or on the control panel which is just a click away on your conference table.

Video Conferencing solutions – its just not system configuration but we go beyond that while building VC solutions, two very important aspects apart from system configuration, we take care of participants needs – 1. Ideal Display system for the conference room with the required contrast ratio, avoid glare 2. Room which is comfortable visually, best sitting to give unobstructed view basis the sitting layout design.3. While designing we take care of the room light balance , ambient light impact on the screen and more, write to us or call us with your requirement and one of experts will get in touch with you to design and propose a Video conferencing solution with a room design.

Native Experience with various partners – Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Sharing cloud, New wave, NFS, Robin,

Scheduling Panels for Every Room 

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