Experience cinema at home with our expertise in this business for 15 years , with world class brands tie-ups ,we are able to provide best of AV and acoustic solutions for your home.

From 5.1 Home Theatre to 9.2 Home Theatre, Dolby Digital to Dolby Atmos , HD,1080p,3D to UHD ,4k, Home Theatre Projectors , Blue rays Players to Blue ray storage solutions , we design the customised solutions as per your need and budget. Experience the various Home Theatre solutions and consult one of our AV Experts for a customised solution.

Home Theatre solution includes complete integrated solutions providing Home Theatres in  5.1 and 9.2 sound solutions , Home Video Projectors with various resolutions offering ultra sharp pictures starting from Full HD,1080p, 3D to UHD, 4K  Home Theatre Projector range, sound proofing ,acoustic paneling, recliners and automation of the Home theatre room , all from the world class brands in this segement. You can look for your favourite products with various segements in Video and Audio categories offering various brands like Yamaha, Sonos, Sony , Paradigm , Onkyo , Panasonic , JVC, Optoma , Benq. Solutions offered are of Background music , TV listening where we offer Sound bars , wireless home theatre from Sonos , Outdoor speakers from Bose and more.


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Home Theatre

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Rs.200,000.00 Rs.175,000.00
Rs.80,000.00 Rs.73,000.00
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Rs.120,000.00 Rs.100,000.00
Rs.80,000.00 Rs.79,000.00

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